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Efficient and Reliable Virtualization

Secured Cloud combines a segregated architecture with the premier technologies of VMware to provide you with a cost-effective, efficient, and secure environment. As a leading enterprise in virtualization, VMware's data center products like vSphere Hypervisor™ are widely recognized by experts as being the most secure virtualization platform available today.

In fact, because the Hypervisor installs directly on the physical server, there is no reliance upon any built-in operating systems to perform virtualization. This not only promotes efficiencies, it also enhances flexibility within your cloud and enables individual organizations in virtualized environments to be isolated from one another. You have the freedom to choose which OS best meets your needs, while maintaining an isolated architecture.

Security via isolation

The premier isolation techniques of vSphere separate VMs from one another within the host layer, creating a system that when combined with multiple layers of network security creates a more secure virtualization environment. In this configuration, each organization has its own private back-end network and front-end firewall appliance available for its use.

Additional security measures include:

  • Auditing controls inside the system - detailed auditing on access and authorization; quarterly internal and external audits at network, infrastructure, host and application layer; network anomaly monitoring and alerting; authentication alerting and reporting
  • Least privilege access control configuration options - user access management; privilege management; network segmentation
  • Operational Controls - incident management procedures; separation of duties; media handling (lifecycle tracking)


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