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Performance-driving Infrastructure

Featuring VMware as the basis of virtualization, Secured Cloud provides an environment that fully utilizes a reference architecture. This enables you to benefit from a cloud infrastructure that is truly designed for enterprise consumption, regardless of your specific size or business budget.

The inclusion of such high-quality infrastructure in our cloud solution is intentional, and a direct reflection of our operational approach. Be it high availability servers, the reliable network, the industry-leading storage, or the efficient load balancers, everything is designed to maximize performance.

Trusted Platform

With vSphere Hypervisor™ projecting virtualization throughout our cloud, you can rest assured that performance and data requests will be optimized and securely handled to address varying demands. In fact, as the recognized market leader in virtualization, VMware is trusted and used by more than 250,000 users including Fortune 1000 companies to meet virtualization and green initiatives.


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