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What is Secured Cloud?

Simply stated, Secured Cloud is an incredibly flexible and versatile network of computers connected together, with enterprise-level supportive technologies and a highly intuitive user interface (UI).

Driving performance and accessibility through our proprietary admin portal, the multi-location cloud is augmented with global load balancing, simple and strong firewalls, and industry-leading data storage to provide a powerful and easy-to-use virtualized environment.

One account, multiple users

One Secured Cloud account can run applications on an as-needed basis for multiple users while offering consumption-based pricing with no commitments.

Servers are also able to run with considerably more redundancy as the system is fault tolerant by design, enabling cloud integrity to be maintained regardless of potential hardware performances or operations.

Additional benefits include:

  • Flexibility - use server resources only when you need them
  • Reduced cost - pay only for what you use, no need to maintain hardware
  • Automation - efficiently integrate applications with the cloud using APIs
  • Scalability - adjust RAM as needed to meet changing demands


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Secured Cloud Pricing

Only pay for what you use! Even when your VM is off, you're only charged for storage! See our pricing options.