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Meet-Me Room

Phoenix NAP's meet-me room is designed to provide carriers with a secured, isolated environment where they can effectively offer connectivity services to you.

Essentially functioning as a mini-data center, our meet-me room features its own separate CRAH units to efficiently cycle air within this space, delivering complete recirculation in as little as 20 seconds. By incorporating the separate cross-connect room within its footprint, the meet-me room also serves as a sole location for traffic exchanges or peering, while providing an extra layer of security.

By incorporating a separate layer of biometrics security featuring a vascular scanner, our Meet-Me Room limits access to technicians, engineers and carriers' personnel. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of our premier facility while carriers attend to their specific needs, and limits the incident of unwarranted access. Carrier maintenance tasks or additions won't interfere with the security of your servers.

Connectivity Designs

  • Fiber runs in geographically diverse trenches from the vaults into our cross-connect room.
  • Situated inside the highly secure meet-me room, the cross-connect room stores provider equipment inside its 8 inch thick concrete walls.
  • Redundant and diverse meet me vaults, located near the edge of our facility, allow carriers' fiber to connect to our data center without substantial trenching.


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