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The local utility (SRP) serving Phoenix NAP uses a balanced fuel mix to deliver power to its customers. Solar farm photos courtesy of SRP.

Phoenix NAP as a Green Data Center

Our data center strives to operate as efficiently as possible while providing the utmost in consistency and maintainability. Through unique features that optimize power consumption, our facility is designed to operate with a 1.39 Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) without the use of outside air. Overall, Phoenix NAP employs several green strategies to drive efficiencies and performance. None of these result in any premiums to clients, and in fact result in cost savings we pass along to you.

Green Strategies:

  • Variable frequency drives automatically reduce a motor's speed and power in the instance of a lower system load. Our configuration is proven to have the lowest per-unit energy consumption in the industry.
  • The medium voltage power distribution system uses less copper than many standard data centers, resulting in less conduit required, fewer duct banks, and improved power distribution.
  • Motion light sensors throughout the data center floor significantly reduce energy consumption.
  • The use of Ultrasonic humidifiers maintains proper data center conditions, without adding any heat into the space.
  • The S&C PureWave UPS system features a 99 percent efficiency rating.
  • The V-frame coil design in our CRAH units has the lowest per-unit energy consumption in the industry and utilizes the least amount of floor space.
  • The McQuay Modular Central Plants have zero ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule under the Montreal Protocol.
  • By consistently evaluating new technologies, designs and energy options, Phoenix NAP maximizes overall data center efficiencies.


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