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Customer Testimonials

Rather than just take our word about how we can help your business, check out what some of our clients have to say about their experiences in our datacenter. Of course, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply contact one of our datacenter specialists to find out more or call 877.749.2656.

Phoenix NAP is quite unique in that it mixes the technical capabilities of a large entity with the personal service and immediate response time normally found only with a start-up, and we are consistently impressed with the quality of customer service and attention to detail they provide.
- Hal Willis, Founder and CEO
American Music Channel
We wanted to mitigate our east coast risk in regards to power and location which made Phoenix just the right place for us. Everyone at Phoenix NAP is knowledgeable and courteous, and our colocated servers have performed reliably and efficiently from the very beginning of our time there.
- Franz Kistner, Director Information Technologies
ARGO International Corporation
Everything from sales to billing to technical aspects of their operation is top notch. The network is absolutely rock solid, and I believe there are many more great things in the future - we cannot wait to expand with them further. In fact, we are looking forward to testing and going live with some Secured Cloud solutions in the near future.
- Artyom Khmelnitsky, President
AYK Solutions
Phoenix NAP is the best facility we've been in. All infrastructure is technically sound and state of the art. The carrier selection is fantastic. And the staff, from sales to security to NOC are accommodating and helpful. I can't recommend Phoenix NAP enough.
- Kevin Bowling, Founder
Blue Box Systems
Phoenix NAP is a top-of-the-line data center. When looking to expand, we examined and did personal tours with several of the data centers in the Valley. We were wasting our time though because Phoenix NAP was by far the best we found. They had the most carriers, which allowed for the cheapest, fastest and highest quality bandwidth, as well as extremely competitive pricing on cabinets. Their security team is knowledgeable and well trained, and friendly as well. I had another data center describe themselves as a well-oiled machine, which is nice, but Phoenix NAP is not only all that, but is clean, well lit, and aesthetically pleasing as well.
- Dennett Ingram, Owner
After 15 years in the hosting industry I had thought I've seen it all. I was wrong. The Support is incredibly fast and being on-site is an absolute bonus. The sales staff had an answer to every question I nervously asked when thinking of another move. The high end servers, bandwidth and pricing made the decision to move easy. For the first time since we opened our own doors our own customers have even thanked us for the move stating their sites are more responsive.

Best move I've done since we began 15 years ago. No one can truly compete with Secured Servers. Industry leader is an understatement.
- Patrick George, Founder and CEO
Equal Thinking
Phoenix NAP was really the right choice for location, security, amenities and all around nice people to work with. It's really centrally located and that was a big plus for us. The whole Phoenix NAP crew is top notch and they really catered to meeting our current needs and also allow us the ability to expand in the future.
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- Marc Chesley, VP of Development and Technology
Phoenix NAP is a great fit for us. Their data center is not only top-notch and clean but the security procedures implemented ensure your equipment is safe also. I have a colocation with them and being able to also lease servers on a monthly basis allows us to have minimal equipment of our own unused, just lease a server for quick uptime, order a new server for our colocation, then add the server at our convenience. Best of both worlds at great prices!
- Chris K. Houg, Owner
Phoenix NAP continually impresses us by being outstanding in every regard. The network is rock-solid, and the facilities are secure, clean and attractive. Their product offerings are diverse, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable – ideal for tailoring solutions to every situation we've encountered. Everyone we've dealt with at Phoenix NAP – from sales staff to NOC support to engineers – has been thoroughly professional, pleasant, and responsive. They've proven to be an ideal partner in growth for Main Advantage.
- Scott Barclay, President
Main Advantage Technology Services
Thanks to Phoenix NAP, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has next-generation security and connectivity and a 100-percent uptime guarantee, all crucial to our operations. We are able to serve our chapters and other constituents across the country more effectively and devote much-needed financial resources to granting children's wishes.
- Jim Toy, Chief Information Officer
Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
You have the best sales support I have ever seen! While interacting with the representative, I didn't have to get transferred to different people or departments. In fact, the rep got all of my answers to me right after I asked my questions, and didn't miss a beat. He knew everything I needed and was so helpful that we have decided that we will definitely be buying additional offerings.
- James Beam, Co-Owner
MC Pro Hosting
Choosing Phoenix NAP was an alarmingly easy choice. I say alarmingly because it sounded too good to be true. For the first time in a long time, it was actually true. The support I have received from Phoenix NAP has been nothing short of exemplary. For the price we pay them, I would expect entry level technicians with high problem resolution time. What I received surprised me again. Full NOC support like I would expect from a top tier datacenter was included for our tiny company! Guarantees on network uptime, an unbelievable SLA on hardware and 24 hour support. I have been thrilled with the service and value I have received from Phoenix NAP. I would recommend this datacenter to anyone.
- Matt Birnie
Mid Continent Technologies
Phoenix NAP has proven to be a strong and loyal partner on many projects. They are a perfect solution to our software solution, and have operated consistently with high business standards along with outstanding work ethics and expertise.
- Jack Kajian, CEO
When starting up a business, it's important that your technology is not only reliable, but cost-effective. We didn't have a big budget to launch, and we found Secured Servers offered dedicated server pricing that could not be matched.
- Heather Brandes
We've chosen to expand our operations into the Phoenix NAP because they are able to satisfy our requirements for best in class facilities as regards power, cooling, infrastructure, carrier connectivity and security.
Watch the Video Testimonial for More
- Chris Goulding, CEO
Net Fusion Services
Phoenix NAP's state-of-the-art data center, redundant systems, high-level security systems and prime location were the perfect level of amenities we were looking to provide our customers with and we are thrilled to be able to utilize the facility's colocation services.
- Mike Leonidas, President
NIC, Inc.
Phoenix NAP provides Orvant Inc. with a home base to distribute our vulnerability assessment service to various networks around the globe. We have been very pleased with the facility, bandwidth, and reliability they provide to run our Software-as-a-Service. Working with their staff has been nothing short of exemplary and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for colocation services!
- Mike Palmer, Co-founder
Orvant Inc.
The most compelling reason to use Phoenix NAP is the high value of the combined redundant Internet with power included in price per month, as most data centers only offer power with cabinet and the internet options are at your own expense. Therefore is very expensive to consider a data center for small business because you have to consider acquiring more than one internet provider which drives the cost up too high.
- James T. Snodgrass, Owner
Phoenix PC Networking
I have had just the best experience with Secured Servers, they are fast working, and reliable. I have had to go through 10 hosts before I finally could relax with a great host. I recommend Secured Servers to anyone that wants guaranteed satisfaction!
- Charles Vien, Owner
The aggressive pricing and generous bandwidth offering caught our attention, and based on first-hand experience I can say their support team is very professional, technically capable, and always there to help. We have grown several folds from having our first server with them to operating a fleet of servers. And recently, we decided to add some colocation in the Phoenix NAP data center as well. This makes expanding quite easy and allows us to focus on our core business.
- Roel Gerona, CEO
QuickWeb Hosting Solutions
Phoenix NAP provides us reliable, price competitive services for our critical infrastructure. My experience at Phoenix NAP has been great!
- Bryant Quan, CEO
Phoenix NAP continues to exceed my expectations! Their sales and support staff are top notch and truly care about their customers. I have absolutely no complaints about Phoenix NAP and I never hesitate to refer them to any company needing colocation.
- Kevin Spears, Owner
Spears Software
The Phoenix NAP datacenter has been a great support for our high bandwidth operation. Their service and support team are knowledgeable, respond in a timely manner and seek to understand our needs.
- Andrew Snook, Chief Technology Officer
Phoenix NAP showed greater willingness to bring in the right people, tailor a solution to meet our needs, and deliver it at a lower price point than the competition. Other vendors offered fixed solutions and charged extra for customization. I feel like we achieved the best of all worlds with Phoenix NAP.
- Mike Sanders, chief product strategist
The facility is beyond state-of-the art and the service we've received from the NOC staff and onsite security has been exceptional! I would definitely recommend Phoenix NAP to other businesses for their colocation needs. Watch the Video Testimonial for More
- Matt Bailey, VP Operations Engineering
Unicorn Media
Service Levels have been excellent with quick responses to our inquiries and support requests. The infrastructure has been very reliable and overall we are very satisfied with the experience and service that Phoenix NAP delivers.
- David Marcon, IT Infrastructure Director
Village Voice Media
Phoenix NAP has reliably provided Virtuon with quick and courteous customer service. The facility is maintained to an immaculate level and that attention to detail spreads through the entire operation. The performance of our service out of the facility has met our expectations.
- Forrest Blair, CEO
Phoenix NAP is an excellent partner for WebPal. We have tested its cloud product inside-out and identified it as a top-choice for WebPal customers to host their sensitive data. The Phoenix NAP infrastructure takes away concerns about data privacy, risk management, and accountability. Last not least, the Phoenix NAP team has been consistent in providing top-level service - we rest assured that WebPal clients will be in safe havens with our WebPal Secured Cloud offering.
- Markus Latzel, CEO
The security systems and processes Phoenix NAP has fall right in line with what we need out of a data center. Protecting client and consumer data is of the utmost importance to us, and the PCI, SOC Audit, and HIPAA standards Phoenix NAP meets through its stringent policies and highly secured infrastructure underscore our own commitment to data integrity.
- Jake Powers, VP of E-Commerce