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Phoenix NAP provides highly personalized levels of service to all clients to help ensure needs are successfully met.

4 Hour Replacement on Phoenix NAP IT Eqipment.

Network Operation Center

Phoenix NAP's Network Operation Center (NOC) provides 24x7x365 support for clients. With continual onsite personnel, NOC staff supply rapid response assistance.

Clients who remotely manage their own equipment can also utilize Phoenix NAP's remote hands services. Our technicians are available to physically assist with equipment as an additional support option through our colocation services.


Remote Hands

Complimentary Services

Remote hands services are provided as part of our standard colocation services and are provided at no additional cost to our customers. Under this level of remote hands service technicians will provide the following levels of assistance:

  • Rebooting or power cycling of equipment.
  • Reading off serial numbers on equipment to customer
  • Providing visual verification (remote eyes) to assist customer's remote troubleshooting efforts.
  • Relaying status of equipment status indicators or typing simple commands on a pre-installed console.
  • Plug in a console port for remote management by customer.
  • Moving or securing a single cable.
  • Pushing a button, toggling a switch or setting an externally accessible dip-switch
  • Adding, removing, or verifying a demarcation label.

Additional Services

Additional remote hands services are provided for those situations where more sophisticated or time-consuming action may be required to accomplish a task that would otherwise require a customer's physical presence. These services are well suited for advanced technical tasks where highly skilled engineers may be needed to provide assistance with a complex, network component, software application, or operating system. Under this level of remote hands service technicians will provide all of the services included in our complimentary remote hands support above, as well as the following additional forms of assistance:

  • Troubleshooting of customer equipment.
  • Inventorying a customer's equipment or taking digital pictures of equipment or colocation space.
  • Labeling equipment and cable connections.
  • Assisting customers with physically installing, relocating, or movement of equipment.
  • Shipping and handling RMA equipment.
  • Installing, replacing/removing equipment components (e.g. router/switch, internal module or card, disk drive, memory, etc.) that are hot-swappable and/or highly modular in design.
  • Swapping of pre-labeled, pre-ejected, removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Installing or swapping pre-configured equipment or components.



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